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This website is operated by Sanxin Outlets Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “Sanxin”)

A client, who uses this website, (hereinafter the “client”) should read and agree to the following terms and conditions before starting using the site. Also, the client should only use other services or contents in the site after reading and agreeing to the pertinent terms of use, if specific terms of use are prescribed otherwise. By using this site, the client agrees to the terms of use. Furthermore, terms of use of this site, services of the site, or contents of the site may change if required, and no additional notice will be made under such condition; please make sure to confirm the terms of use before use.


Intellectual property rights such as copyrights, right to use, or other rights of any information, design, arrangement, signature, character, or trademark which is published on the site belongs to Sanxin, or the right holder who authorizes Sanxin to use such object. No copying or second use is allowed without consent of the right holder. Also, intellectual property rights of any picture, photograph, catalogue, or trademark that is contained in any e-mail sent from Sanxin to the client belong to Sanxin, and the client should not use such object on other site, printed matter, etc. or reproduce such object in any other way.

Links to the Website

Before you post any link to this site, please contact with customer service of Sanxin and specify the URL of the website on which you will post the link, person in charge, and your e-mail. Sanxin may refuse to permit such link if that website contains content(s) involving violation of public order and morals, pornography, or slander or defamation of Sanxin and is considered inappropriate by Sanxin.

Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other sites, but the contents of those website owned by a third party (hereinafter “linked sites”) are managed by the respective owner and the use of the linked sites should follow the terms of use or regulations of copyright of the specific linked site. Sanxin is not responsible to protection of personal information or content of the linked sites. Sanxin suggests that the client reads guidelines or policies of protection of personal information on the linked sites before providing personal information to the liked sites.

Sanxin may obtain from personal information from which the identification of the client cannot be easily recognized the following objects

1.Cookies (small text files)
This site transfers messages named “Cookies” in order to provide service to the client and to verify information of website traffic, and the message stores in terminal device of the client and enables the website to verify if the client visits the website for the next time from the same terminal device. Cookies are used only for providing service to the client and analyzing the client. The personal identity of the client cannot be identified by use of Cookies by Sanxin, when the client has not submitted personal information on the site and Sanxin cannot obtain the personal information. The client can choose not to use Cookies by adjust related settings, but the client may not be able to use part of service provided by the site when not using Cookies.
2.Web Beacon
This site does not use web bugs to collect personal information from the client. A web beacon (also known as a clear gif) refers to a small image file contained in a webpage or an HTML e-mail.
This site adopts SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) to protect personal information of the client. SSL refers to a security function which protects important information on the internet such as transmitted personal information from reading by a third party. The personal information submitted by the client on this site will be encrypted before it is transmitted to or from the site.

Others (disclaimer)

Use of this site and the content of information submitted on this site by the client are of the client’s own responsibility. The information, service, or URL of this site may be appended, changed, or deleted by Sanxin without previous notice. Sanxin may stop providing all or part of the site without previous notice, due to system error caused by disaster such as fire, power outages, earthquakes or other reasons, or due to necessity of system maintenance. When Sanxin suffers damages caused by the client’s violation of this present terms or violation of laws, Sanxin may claim full damages from the client. Sanxin is not responsible to any damage or loss of interest of the client caused by the following reasons:

  • 1.Use of any information obtained from this site or liked sites.
  • 2.Hardware or software problems, computer virus infection, or disappearance or damage of data that occurs during use of this site.
  • 3.Dispute happened between the client and a third party.
  • 4.The e-mail or request of information from the client is not delivered to Sanxin due to error or any problem of the internet.
  • 5.Providing of all or part of the site is suspended or terminated.

Please contact us through the following information:

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  • <Address>24448 2F., No.356, Sec. 1, Wenhua 3rd Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City
  • <FAX>02-2609-6110


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