Personal Information Protection Policy

1. The Company will comply with Personal Information Protection Act as well as other laws and regulations of the Republic of China relevant to personal information. In addition, the Company will deal with related internal regulations based on personal information and establish organizational structure for those regulations to continuously review for improvement.
2. When the Company collects personal information, the Company will limit its purpose of collection, treatment, use and international transfer to necessary scope of the personal information treatment (not used for any purpose other than those specified above). Further, the Company will adopt appropriate management measures to prevent use from purposes other than those specified above. If it was used other than those purposes, the purpose will be specifically mentioned and customer consent will be achieved in advance.
3. When the Company outsources personal information treatment, the Company shall properly select contractor and ask it to implement the safety management measures which are the same as those of the Company for supervision such as condition control to prevent information leakage, re-outsourcing without the consent of the Company in advance and re-providing customer’s personal information to the third party.
4. The Company will take necessary and appropriate organizational, personnel, physical and technical safety management measures for the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information to prevent and control leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
5. In order to completely protect personal information, the Company will set the internal regulations relevant to personal information treatment. In addition, to make internal comply with personal information protection, the Company will set up personal information administrator in each department to pursue comprehensiveness of organizational structure and improve management of personal information. Furthermore, the Company will be committed to employee educational training to enhance the awareness of personal information protection.
6. The Company will take appropriate policy based on customer’s request to update personal information in the correct and latest status and immediately confirm, change and disclose personal information to customers in person. For any inquiry, discussion and compliant of personal information treatment, please visit designated window for that service. Please contact “customer service window” listed below if there is not service window.

Formulated on 31 December 2015

Customer Service Window

  • The service window for any inquiry, discussion and compliant of personal information treatment and disclosure, correction, use termination of personal information.
  • Customer Service Personnel, Center of Operation and Management of MITSUI OUTLET PARK at Linkou, Sanxin Outlets Co. Ltd.
  • <Address>24448 2F., No.356, Sec. 1, Wenhua 3rd Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City
  • <FAX>02-2609-6110


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