Opening Hours

Opening Hours of the Outlet Park

from Mon. to Sun. 11:00~21:30

※ Please refer to the announcement in the Park for updated opening hours in any special condition

Service Content of the Counter

  • Floor & Event Guide
  • Paging
  • First Aid Kits
  • Lost Property /
    Found Property Arrangement
  • Receipt
    Invoice Service
  • Stamp for Invoice for Tax-Refund
Floor Guide ※Please refer to the floor guide for details

Other Services

  • Breastfeeding Room INMALL 1F/2F
  • Diaper Changing Table Whole Building
  • Toilet for Children INMALL 1F/2F
  • Accessible Toilet Whole Building
  • Accessible Elevator Whole Building
  • Apparel Alteration (paid service) OUTMALL 1F
  • Electronic Lockers OUTMALL 1F INMALL 1F
  • Smoking Room INMALL 1F/2F
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) INMALL 1F
  • Taxi Stand South 2 Exit
  • Paid Strollers INMALL 1F
  • Free Wi-Fi Each Floor
Floor Guide ※Please refer to the floor guide for details

Tax-Refund Information

  • Location

    Service Counter at 1F

  • Applicant

    Customer stays in R.O.C. for less than 183 days since the day of entry with any of the following identification:

    A Non-R.O.C. Passport

    An R.O.C. Passport not furnished with National ID Card Number

    Travel Permits

    Entry/Exit Permits

    Temporary Visitor Permits

  • Amount

    Over NT2,000 in one day (tax included, to be conducted from the 1st of May, 2016)

  • Application Time

    On the day in which the shopping was made (during the opening hours)

  • Duty Free Good

    Duty Free Good Any daily ware or goods except:

    Consumables or services, such as food or shipping fees, that have been partly or totally consumed

    &#8251The goods should be carried by the applicant when leaving R.O.C. after this stay. (Must be carried out abroad within 90 days)


  • Required Documents

    Receipt or invoice of shopping made on the same day(tax-refund would not be accept for receipt or invoice from shops other than Sanxin Outlets)

    Passport or entry/exit permits of the applicant

    A VAT Refund Claim Form for Eligible Goods Purchased by Foreign Traveler will be made.

  • Process

    The VAT Refund Claim Form for Eligible Goods Purchased by Foreign Traveler, receipt or invoice, and the purchased goods should be presented to the customs for inspection and tax-refund.


  • Tax return

    5% of the vending price (included).

  • Transaction fees

    14% of the returned tax.

  • Tax return method

    Cash, cheque and credit card.