Statement of Personal Information Use

In order to provide products and services to customers, have satisfaction survey, consuming habit analysis and marketing activities for a variety of products and services provided by Mitsui Outlet Park (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and any information involved with products and services provided by the Company, domestic and foreign affiliated companies and partners, the Company will collect, treat, use and international transfer customer’s personal information in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act and relevant regulations. To ensure your rights and interests, please read the following items carefully:

1. The purpose of collection:

The examples of code and item are listed as below by referring to the classification of The Specific Purpose and the Classification of Personal Information of the Personal Information Protection Act by Ministry of Justice:

Marketing (including financial cross-selling business) (040), credit card, cash card, debit card or electronic value-stored card business (067), contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters (069), consumer, customer management and service (090), site safety management (116), accounting and related services (129), information (communication) and database management (136), advertisement or commercial behavior administration (152), investigation, statistics and research analysis (157), other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization prospectus (181), other consulting and consultant services (182)

2. The type of collected personal information:

The examples of code and item are listed as below by referring to the classification of The Specific Purpose and the Classification of Personal Information of the Personal Information Protection Act by Ministry of Justice:

Type for identifying individuals (C001, including name, address, home telephone number, cell phone number, current and permanent address, photograph, the E-mail address, record providing internet identity authentication or applying inquiry service record as well as any other data which can identify the individual), type for identifying finance (C002), type for identifying in government data (C003), individual description (C011), family (C021), recreational activities and interests (C035), lifestyles (C036), occupation (C038), qualification or technique (C052), earning, income, property and investment (C081).

3. The period, area, object and method of personal information use:

(1) Period: the duration specified above and in the Article 1 as well as within preservation period regulated by relevant regulations.
(2) Area: the Republic of China, Japan, other locations of domestic and foreign affiliated businesses as well as the locations of business partners required for carrying out the purposes listed in the Article 1.
(3) Object: based on the purposes specified above and in the Article 1, those who are necessary to understand customer’s personal information (including but not limited to, the Company, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., domestic and foreign affiliated businesses, partners who provide professional consultation service or other services, deal with business on behalf of the Company or have business cooperation or relationship with the Company, competent authority, judicial authority or other government units of the Republic of China or jurisdiction country from business activities or services provided by the Company, or those who should be provided personal information by the Company in accordance with relevant regulations).
(4) Method: by automated machine such as computer or other non-automated methods.

4. Customer may use the following rights based on the customer’s personal information maintained by the Company, but the Company may charge administration fees:

(1) Query or request to view personal information.
(2) Request the copy of personal information.
(3) Request to supply or correct personal information after properly clarified.
(4) Request to stop collect, treat and use or delete personal information. However, the implementation which is necessary for the purposes specified in the Article 1 does not apply.

5. The impact of rights for customer who doesn’t provide personal information

The customer may freely choose whether to provide related personal information or not. However, if the customer refuses to provide related personal information, it may result in failure of some or all purposes mentioned above and have impact on each right and interest the customer may enjoy based on the contract between him/her, the Company and domestic and foreign affiliated businesses or laws.

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